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Python 3 virtual environment and pip requirements how to

How to install Python 3 virtual environment and use pip requirements file

Posted on 12th, July 2016 Read more

PHP: How to enable errors on browser

How to enable PHP errors on your browser for debugging purposes.

Posted on 5th, September 2014 Read more

Essential Drupal modules you can not live without

Must have modules for your Drupal 7 installation. Modules that will make your life easier in the short and long run.

Posted on 17th, March 2014 Read more

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) post installation

What you'll need to install after a bare or an existing installation to start PHP development and general desktop usage.

Posted on 31st, January 2014 Read more

Laravel 4 - Versioning your app using git

An idea for versioning small applications on laravel using git.

Posted on 20th, October 2013 Read more

Laravel 4 - Simple Validation Trait

A simple Validation Trait you can drop in on your models and get done with it.

Posted on 19th, October 2013 Read more

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